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Welcome to The Love Story Women Circle!!


099_99The Love Story Women Circle is an online global community of women who have decided to stop living a life of despair and defeat to now rewriting the stories of their lives. That’s stories of renewal, celebration, transformation and love.

We believe that it’s time for us to create a new narrative for our lives. But this time on our terms and in the way that we desire the story to be. And that’s exactly what we are doing. When you join our community  you will have access brand new way of showing up in the world that will allow you to live your full potential as a Love Story Woman.

Membership Benefits:hugs

  • Membership into our closed Facebook community where you get to connect, share and grow in the power of sisterhood with women from around the world.
  • Listen to our weekly Heart Secrets Radio Show as our founder, Angela Carr Patterson and other members, share the lessons they’ve learned from the stories they dare to share.
  • Participate in our quarterly Love Story Women Circle Community Calls as members share incredible information on how to rewrite your story.
  • Receive monthly newsletter filled with powerful content to transform your life.
  • Gain access to our many live events throughout the year that are designed to help you create success in your life, live fully and laugh a lot.

Membership is FREE, but the benefits are priceless. To join, simply complete the box below and confirm the link that’s in your inbox. You will then receive information on how to join our online Facebook Community and that’s when the magic happens.

Our goal is to reach one million women globally, who are ready to raise the vibration of the planet, through the power of LOVE. By you joining today, you will then become, one in a million. Complete the box below and join today.


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